How the magic started…

Believe it or not, we had television when I was a child. We even had color. Sadly, and quite remarkable to young folks today, we only got two channels. But that was enough to see my first televised magic show. I wasn’t sure why it spoke to me but it did. Perhaps it was my natural calling to perform; after all, I had been singing solos for folks since the age of five. Perhaps it was the reaction I felt from the mystery displayed on the screen. Whatever it was…I was hooked. So, for Christmas I asked my parents for a magic set. Being the wonderful parents they are, and in no intended disrespect to my grandparents who wouldn’t even allow playing cards in their conservative home, my parents got me one…or should I say, Santa did.

I remember tearing open that box and carefully laying out the tricks. I just knew I was going to fool my family immediately. I learned them quickly, absorbing the directions and presentations virtually word-for-word. But a funny thing happened. No one was fooled. Even though I did every trick perfectly, it just didn’t fool my parents and other relatives. I was confused and mostly disappointed.

I placed all the tricks back in the box, placed the box in my closet, and walked away from that which brought me excitement and hope.

Skip forward many years. I was a father of a young son who loved to play soccer. One day after a game, my son asked if one of his teammates could go to lunch with us and then us carrying him home afterward. I agreed and we went out for pizza.

But here is where things got interesting…

We didn’t take him to his house. Instead, we took him to his parent’s business. And what was that business? You may have already guessed it. These parents owned the local magic shop. Walking through the door was truly magical to me. In many ways, as I spoke to the parents and glanced at the items under the counter’s glass, I began to feel childlike. Those exciting feelings I had felt so many years ago began to wash over me once again. It truly was magical.

Before my son and I left the business, I had gotten him a small child’s trick and I had purchased a couple for myself. Finally, I had in my hands, two tricks that fooled me in the store and which I knew I could do to others. I began performing them soon after I mastered their method and once I got that first magical response…I was hooked yet again. I then realized that I could help others, even if it were just for a moment, feel the excitement and mystery that I had enjoyed so many years ago in front of that large console television. From there, I purchased more “tricks,” watched VHS tapes of the masters teaching their sleight-of-hand moves, read books on tricks and methods etc. I began to absorb everything I could on the subject. I had found a new hobby and I loved it.


Jump forward a few more years and that simple “happenstance” of returning that young boy to his parents, began an entertainment career that has spanned over 20 years and countless performances. I could not be more thankful for that Saturday so long ago.

So…what is the point of my telling you this?

Well, I wanted you to see how one weird and unexpected occurrence changed my life.

My advice to you today is to expect. Expect that people, places, or events will come that can impact you positively in ways you never even imagined. But be receptive. Be mindful of opportunities. Be mindful of how things touch your spirit. Be mindful that no matter how old you are (for I was in my thirties when that first visit occurred)..there are new and exciting opportunities ahead.

Until you last breath, you have purpose. You have joys waiting to happen. You have more life to live.

Now…Get to it!

Blessings to you all,


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