My GOAL is to help you VANISH the Can’t and create the Can!

Do you ever say things like:

  • I can’t succeed in my career.
  • I can’t get my business to succeed.
  • I can’t find a good man (or woman).
  • I can’t forgive myself for what I did.
  • I can’t finish my education.
  • I can’t stop sabotaging my life.

Chances are…if you are like most of us…you do.  But you CAN change that!


I am Dr. Keith Brown (Keith to all of you) and MY MISSION is to Entertain, Equip, and Empower YOU to live a MAGICAL life of Personal Integrity and Success.

Personal Integrity is thinking and behaving congruently and consistently with one’s personal beliefs, values, and desires thus creating a magical life of fulfillment, happiness, love, and success.  This does not mean a life completely void of costs, hardships, or losses.  But it does mean living a life that is true to self and overall, it is absolutely the best and most satisfying life possible.  

Success is obtaining the internal and external satisfaction of achieving personal growth and reaching personal goals. 

You CAN do this.

I provide you help through high-quality magic entertainment, interactive classes and presentations, challenging mentoring, and practical books.  Regardless of the method, I want to make you laugh, make you think, and challenge you to move forward in your MAGICAL life.

*****I have been fully vaccinated for COVID*****

“So…who is this guy?”

Part of the process of Personal Growth is appreciating who you are and what you can offer the world.  With that said, please allow me me to share a little about myself and why I feel I can help you.

I am Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, M Div, BS, CH, a native Carolina “beachboy,” (and yes, I know boy is a stretch) professional Magic Entertainer, Speaker, Teacher, Theologian, Author, and Businessman. With over 30 years experience performing and/or speaking and over 40 years working in the business/education worlds, I have learned through my successes and my failures.  These lessons, as well as my formal education and creativity, are the fuel that feeds my development of shows, classes/courses,  and books to entertain, equip, and empower YOU to live your magical life of personal integrity and success. 

I have had the pleasure of entertaining audiences of every age and in just about every venue type there is including: Companies, Schools, Theaters, Comedy Clubs, Coffee Houses, Night Clubs, Churches, Country Clubs, and even Homes.  I have done them all!   I have opened and performed for celebrities, performed for 2000 NASCAR folks, and even performed for the United States Military.  I have even been a show consultant for other magicians around the world.

I have taught corporate executives, church members and leaders around the country, and middle school, high school, and college students through a variety of my self-created courses.  I have spoken to audiences both large and small with the ever present hope of transformation and success.  

I have authored and published works of non-fiction and fiction.

I have also had the pure joy of mentoring hundreds of individuals over the last 30 years with compassion and confidentiality.  

I believe myself to be a caring, kind, flexible entertainer/teacher and man of personal faith who wants to bring my personality, knowledge, experience, fun, humor, and magical skills to groups and individuals around the world.  

Each day I awaken with the knowledge that there is more growth to come and I have a strong desire to pursue it.

The Magic and Comedy shows are always clean.