Keith Brown, the native beach boy,  is a professional magic entertainer.  His “Down-Home” charm with “Up-Town” style draws people in and keeps them engaged–and laughing–throughout the entire performance.  Most of his magic and comedy routines enlist the help of volunteers so there is plenty of opportunity for members of your group to “ham it up,”  and “be the stars”

Beach Boy Magician based in Hickory, NC but traveling the USA to bring the fun, funny, and amazement!

“We had a great time last night! We will definitely have to come to another show!”
~Amy P.

“We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed your show!”
~Tarisa L.

 Magic Venues

  • Corporate Magic

  • Shag Clubs

  • Beach Music Events

  • College/School Events

  • Town Festivals

  • Restaurant Magic

  • Comedy Clubs

  • Private Party Magic

  • Trade-Show Magic

  • …anywhere a fun, funny, and mind-boggling magical time is needed!

Magic Shows 

Flip Flop Funny

Join Keith for this stage show that will take you back to the beach and remind you of those trips of yesteryear.  This show is a funny, interactive, and high-energy time.  This gifted performer connects with his audience in a way that draws them in and has them laughing and volunteering during the whole show.  Flip Flop Funny is perfect for groups of any size and can play in banquet rooms, clubs, or theaters.  The only requirement is volunteer access to the stage and the ability to be heard. This show is filled with amazing, interactive magic, mind reading and impromptu, interactive comedy.  It isn’t just a performance…It’s a party!

You may also want to consider adding Keith’s strolling magic to the appearance.  This combo package adds to the event and is a saving over the separate pricing.  

“People are still talking about your magic!!” ~Leslie Clutz, Richard Petty Driving Experience

Boardwalk Blast 

This is the most popular show for those desiring to see more sleight-of-hand by a proven professional…or when budget is more of a concern.  The show is just as funny as his larger show but it’s intended for smaller groups of less than 50.  During this fun and funny show, Keith performs a series of tricks that still utilize members of the audience so there is still plenty of participation and opportunities for folks to “ham it up.”  This is parlor magic at its best!  Come and take a fun trip along the Boardwalk.

“You are very talented!”
~Carrie W.


Strolling Magic 

In this unique appearance, Keith becomes your “special guest” providing folks with an experience that they will remember for years to come. Settings such as reception rooms, hospitality suites and parties are perfect for strolling magic. Wherever people may be milling around, networking, or just having drinks, he helps break the ice, bringing people closer together. Sharing a few minutes of magical mystery with them will provide ample conversation starters that will incorporate even the shyest participants.

This is also a perfect addition to any corporate show.

FAQ – Strolling Magic

What is Strolling Magic? Strolling magic is also known as walk around magic or mingle magic. It’s close-up sleight-of-hand magic performed for small groups of people at a time.

How does it Work? If your guests are seated, Keith will give each table their own, personal show. If everyone is mingling, then he will mingle with them. Each small group or table will get their own magic experience.

Is A Strolling Magician Right for My Venue? Keith has performed this type of magic in virtually every type of venue you can imagine and always provides fun and amazement.   He is confident it will be the same for your special event.

How Much Strolling Magic Do I Need? To ensure that everyone will enjoy the magic, Keith recommends one hour of strolling magic for every 50 guests. However, every event is different. Call him at (704) 616-5400 to get a well-informed recommendation.

How Good is the Strolling Magic? Keith has the skills to impress even the most jaded guests. More importantly, he has the maturity, professionalism and grace needed to move comfortably in polite company. Your guests will be in good hands.

 “He is the best Master of Mystery! ”
~Jack T.

Call 704-616-5400.