Voice Actor

As a teenager, Keith was asked to go to the local radio station to record a public service announcement for the non-profit he was working for part-time. It was during that recording session that he was “discovered” by the station and immediately hired to fill a weekend spot on air. From there, he went on to fill more on-air spots while attending college and gave voice to many commercials heard on multiple radio stations.

Keith turned down an invitation to be on the radio in the D. C. area and instead, he went on to pursue other career options.  But Keith never lost his love for radio and voice acting. As often as he could, he would lend his talent to online businesses or even small local radio stations that needed a professional voice.

Realizing that love for voice acting was still strong, Keith decided to create his own home studio and now, in addition to his work as a professional magician, brings alive commercials and announcements heard on a variety of sources.

If your business or group needs a voice to bring life to its message…consider Keith for the job.

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