A learning experience for kids 10+
A time of learning and fun!

Although I have performed “kid’s shows” in my long, I am not a specialized “KID MAGICIAN.” But…that doesn’t mean I don’t love kids.

That’s why, in addition to adding kid tricks to shows when needed, I also offer an exciting, but limited mini-magic camps for kids within clubs, churches, scouts, birthday parties, or any other group where a minimum of 10 participants can be gathered.  In this two-hour program, the children will receive the materials and instruction to do their own presentations of tricks for friends and family.  What’s more, they will be equipped with an anti-bullying trick and presentation that will “fool” others, but even more importantly, share a critical message of love and acceptance.  Your kids will have a blast and learn skills that will empower them for years to come.

The campers will learn some real classics of magic and even some theory so the more mature the group, the better.

I do ask for at least one adult group representative attend to help with any issues.  

Price per student depends on the number of students.