Why Keith?

Keith has spoken to corporations, schools, and churches for over 30 years. He brings a life-time of corporate and educational experience and multiple degrees, undergraduate and graduate, to his work. Keith has a passion for Philosophy, Theology, and Business.

Keith believes that it all starts with our mindset. Achievement, happiness, and fulfillment in life depends on the right mindset and often our limiting beliefs truly do limit our success.

There are plenty of teachers out there. There are plenty of programs.

So what makes Keith different?


Surely you have witnessed speakers/teacher trying to present important information and try as they may, are still unable to reach their audience. Keith firmly believes that effective speaking/teaching is a three-fold process:

  • Earn their respect and the right to speak.
  • Provide them with information that is insightful, practical, and useful.
  • Deliver the information in a way that will not only gain their attention, it will keep it throughout the entire delivery.

That’s where Keith shines!

His ability to weave humor, magic, and your message (or his) into a powerful presentation makes him popular and effective.

Contact Keith personally and describe your organization’s need. He will work with you to create a presentation that will impact your folks and create powerful success or change.

He looks forward to speaking to you soon.

You can call him directly at 704-616-5400.