A Fun, Funny Experience you won’t soon forget!

Are  you looking for a unique and interactive entertainment performance where people will laugh and participate in all the fun?


I am Keith Brown and I am here to help you.  Not only will I give you a show that your friends, family, or co-workers will enjoy, I will make sure the entire experience-from booking to performance-is as enjoyable and stress-free as I possibly can.

MY MAGICAL MISSION is to take my audiences on a fun and funny journey filled with amazement and memories.  

*****I have been fully vaccinated for COVID*****


I am a native Carolina “beachboy,” (and yes, I know boy is a stretch)  and professional Magic Entertainer with over 30 years experience performing and/or speaking and over 40 years working as a self-employed business man.

I have had the pleasure of entertaining audiences of every age and in just about every venue type there is including: Companies, Schools, Theaters, Comedy Clubs, Coffee Houses, Night Clubs, Churches, Country Clubs, and even Homes.  I have done them all!   I have opened and performed for celebrities, performed for 2000 NASCAR folks, and performed for the United States Military.  I have even been a show consultant for other magicians around the world.

I have taught and spoken to corporate executives, church members and leaders around the country, and middle school, high school, and college students through a variety of my educational  magic shows.  I have spoken to audiences both large and small with the ever present hope of transformation and success.  

Each day, I awaken with the excitement and desire to delight audiences with my original shows and genuine love of performing.

Call me today at 704-616-5400 and let’s talk about your particular event.  I can offer you one of my current shows or we can work together to create one just for your need. 

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



The Magic and Comedy shows are always clean.

“The thing I like best about Keith is his humble spirit…”